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    That Girl At The Party – Botox: Fact and Fiction With Dr. Tabasum Mir


    With Spring here, after a very nasty depressing winter, I am like a butterfly ready to come out of the cocoon.

    Thus I am doing a series on those tiny things you can do to boost your looks without too much pain and suffering.   First up, Botox.

    I have had Botox a number of times with varying effects. The first doctor was amazing, the last one not so much.  So I was very fortunate to chat with, and be treated by, the lovely and very talented Dr. Tabasum Mir.  The third time was definitely the charm as she gave me the best boost I have ever had! Everyone keeps saying how great I look.

    Read on for my Q&A with Dr. Mir about Botox and her wonderous skincare line, MirSkin.

    TGATP:  Are there any measures people can take to make their Botox last longer or take more effectively?

    Dr Mir:  Botox lasts about 4 months, so maintanence is about 3 times a year. There isn’t a trick to making it last longer. But you can make your skin look better by using sunblock to prevent the wrinkles from getting deeper.


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