Style Blazer – Why You Should NEVER Scrub Those Dark Pimple Scars

Style Blazer – Why You Should NEVER Scrub Those Dark Pimple Scars

Skin is one of the many things that unite all of us in this here earth. Obvious aside, most of us deal with issues in our teenage years, doing whatever possible to get rid of acne. But once in our mid-twenties the focus shifts to evening skin tone and protection from the elements.

Here’s where we find ourselves.


Well, actually, in front of celebrity dermatologist Dr. Tabasum Mir is actually where we found ourselves, seeking her guidance. The talented physician is well aware of the challenges of hyperpigmantation, having dealt with it herself.

She spoke to StyleBlazer about common myths, solutions and challenges– see the surprising things she had to say below.

On the basics of hyperpigmentation: “Hyperpigmentation is caused by many things such as birth control, sun exposure and any abrasion trauma to the skin and that can be from tweezing, scratching and/or pimples. The abrading trauma to the skin causes inflammation then the inflammation to darken. This is called post inflammation hyperpigmentatiom and extra melanin is produced. A lot of people think elbows and knees are darker because they’re suppose to be but because they’re rubbing against things like other areas of the skin –table tops, clothing fabric, etc– they’re darker from that abrading trauma.”

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