I found the Perfect @kyliejenner Lip color with Velvet 59 Liquid lipstick!


BeautyCon was a few weeks ago and I was able to meet an amazing group of beauty industry leaders and cosmetic companies!

One of the companies that caught my eye was Velvet 59. I was able to meet the lovely Paris Manning, who told me the story of how her company was created. She told me about being raised in England and on her farm in upstate new york. I was so impressed with how the product packaging had a vintage glamour with a modern twist. And even MORE impressed with Paris telling me they  source sustainable, 100% vegan ingredients that also give back to the community.

Velvet 59 also sources l ingredients never before used in cosmetics such as Sacha Inchi oil, a 100% extra virgin seed oil which is native to the Amazon Rainforest. By using these ingredients they are able to help with  ongoing support for rural Amazonian communities.

SO not only are these products vegan and cruelty free, they also give Back! I was so impressed by this company.

All the while this lovely woman was talking I could not take my eye off her lipstick color.!




“what color IS that” , I asked ?

“Oh its our Kai-Lea liquid lip color”  Paris went on to say that it is exaclty the color that Kylie Jenner has made so famous.

So of course I snagged up a tube.

Since that day I have not been able to put it down. Here is some shot of me wearing it. I think I have to buy another backup as this color is comfortable, long wearing, not drying and the best Kai-lea jenner color I have used to date!!

Here are some photos of  Me in the  Velvet 59 Kai-Lea Liquid lipstick


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