Erica INTERVIEWS Dr. Tabasum Mir Knows Best, Talks Skin Care and Debunks Myths

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Dr. Tabasum Mir is a successful skin care physician and specializes in cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic laser surgery. She even has an amazing skin care line, MirSkin. To add to her resume, she was on Bravo TV’s “The Singles Project,” and enjoys donating her time and services to many charities

Dr. Mir was motivated to become a skin care physician because she comes from a family where their culture is all about education, but it’s also what she wanted. When she got to med school it wasn’t what she thought it was going to be, but she stuck with it. She knew dermatology was one of the most competitive fields but felt that if she didn’t try for it she would always regret it. Plus, it was the thing she thought she’d be the most interested in.

“Then I took it and made it my own because I really wasn’t traditional. I wasn’t a traditional physician. I graduated medical school really young, I think I was 24, and the traditional thing is to work for somebody in their forties who works for somebody in their sixties. I just saw my life flash in front of my eyes and I’m like if I don’t make this my own then I’m always going to be someone else’s junior, and I didn’t want that. So I made it into my practice and I’ve been practicing now for ten years.”

She admits that it was a lot of hard work and still is, which is why she’s such a big supporter of female entrepreneurs and women in business. She has many women who reach out to her me on Instagram, and they have cosmetic companies, hair companies, and she tries to shout them out as much as she can because she has this platform now where people pay attention. “I know how hard it is and it’s still hard.”

As a skin care physician and owner of her own skin care line, Dr. Mir must have a favorite skin care product, right? The answer is no, however if she can tell us of one product that she’s consistently gone to for ten years, even before it was available in the U.S., which she just loves, it would be the La Roche-Posay Anthelios sun care. She tries a lot of different things but that has been the one thing that she’s consistently gone back to.  We have to say she must know what she’s talking about because this year

unnamedconsumer reported it as the No. 1 sunblock out of all the sunblocks they’ve tested. “I used to go to Europe ten years ago, I used to go to their pharmacies and just buy  dozens of them so I could take it back with me and now they’re available in the drug stores here.”

The second thing that the doctor recommends is definitely one of her own, her 5/2 Pads. “They’re just something I created for myself and I just know when I use them I’m never going to break out, my pores will never look large. I can tell when I stop using it, especially when I travel, because my pores start to look congested, I’m blocked and blotchy, and my skin tone isn’t smooth. I’ve literally had patients of mine say God forbid if I ever go out of business, will they still be able to get it. You know how there’s no guarantees in life except death and taxes? Let me add to that the 5/2 Pads because it will work no matter what. For everything, for women who have sensitive skin who have lots of bad sun damage, for teenagers, for people in their twenties or thirties or forties or still breaking out, for clogged pores.”

Speaking of pores, the most common skincare issues Dr. Mir comes across daily are pores. “People really are obsessed with their pores. There’s a huge misconception about what pores are and about what it is that’s going on and one of the most common things that people talk about are their pores. Everybody thinks that their pores are clogged or everyone complains about their pores being clogged.”

We had to ask, what’s the best and most simple way we can take care of our skin? No. 1, protect our skin from UV damage and all of that sun exposure.

“People think that oh I don’t tan, well none of us tan anymore but being in the sun, even if you’re just walking on the street or in your car, it’s massively aging. If you can imagine the analogy of having a beautiful leather couch and leaving it in the sun all the time what’s going to happen to that couch? It’s going to be broken down, damaged, aged looking, and sunscreen is sort of like the version of putting a tarp over the couch so it doesn’t get damaged.”

Our faces are exposed all day, everyday, as well as our hands and chest. Dr. Mir says these are the things that need to be protected and if they’re not protected we get damage. “If you don’t take the extra step to protect your skin you’re always going to be fighting an uphill battle. Everyone needs to invest in some kind of sun protection for their skin.”

Dr. Mir was on Bravo TV’s The Singles Project and loved the experience. She loved the national exposure and the national platform. She loved that it took her from relative ambiguity to being known, and it was a fantastic platform for her to educate people later on with what she does for a living. Discussing skin care and debunking myths is a huge passion of hers because she feels that women are miseducated and misled. “I just get really frustrated when I see that there’s all of these myths that are still propagated because a lot of people get their best skin care advice from makeup counters. So it gave me that platform. Being on Bravo was an amazing experience. I made such great friends, I had such great experiences.”

The show featured a lot of Dr. Mir’s and others’ personal dating lives, and that was a bit challenging for her. “It was real time and it was filmed on a week to week basis. I think that the real time aspect of it was really challenging and very very difficult timewise for all of us, but the experience was fantastic and it opened so many doors for me. I can definitely tell you that this will not be the last time you see me on television.” We certainly hope not.


“The Singles Project” was a reality TV show. Dr. Mir’s take on reality TV is that it’s very interesting. She believes that in many ways, reality TV stars are more famous than A-list celebrities.

“I think if you ask people on the street to name ten celebrities I can guarantee you  half of them are going to be reality stars. Reality stars are more accessible to the public, they’re more accessible to the media, and they’re okay with opening up whereas A-list celebrities keep their private life private. Reality stars are all out there and that’s a blessing and a curse. I was really lucky to be involved in something that was really professional and  there’s a lot of camaraderie between us. We weren’t fighting with each other and I thought that was really awesome. I think a lot of people can relate to a lot of the struggles all of us went through. We were hard working, we were single and we just couldn’t connect with anybody, and we liked each other and we supported each other.”

She’s feels lucky that she had that experience because she recalls looking at some of the shows and seeing how some of the people “kind of” sell their souls for attention. “The attention leads to more TV time which leads to more ratings which leads to the same garbage being put out.  Myself, as a professional woman, I wanted to get out there and use it to do better for myself, do better for other people.”

Social media played a huge role in the show. Dr. Mir and her cast members were plastered all over subways and busses and magazines with theirTwitter and Instagram handles. “My numbers grew. I was a private Instagramaccount, I think I maybe had two hundred friends, and now I’m over 28 thousand. We were highly interactive with our viewers. It was a huge huge aspect of the show.”

Since we’re on the topic of social media, Dr. Mir revealed who she likes to follow and keep up with on social media. Makeup artist bloggers. They are really good at posting and give great looks of the day. They have a huge fan base and I really love how they market themselves. For example, you’ve got a girl named amrezy, she’s got almost 3 million followers. She absolutely kills it with her hair and her makeup. I really like beauty so I follow a lot of that.” They must be good if they’re getting attention from Dr. Mir herself. She says that she also likes to follow someone she can learn something from or be amused by.

People show their love for her on Instagram, letting her know they loved her on the show and can’t wait to meet her someday. Dr. Mir always tries to throw back the love and support. “When I have some down time I look up hashtags under makeup artists or makeup of the day or beauty blogger and just see what everybody’s doing, and I’ll go out there and like as many photos as I can of people that I feel are inspiring to me, even if they only have a few followers. People really appreciate it.”


One follower of hers sent her a DM saying she’s an up and coming makeup artist, and had recently started her Instagram. The fact that Dr. Mir liked one of her photos gave her the self confidence to keep posting because she really felt like her work wasn’t good enough, and she felt insecure about posting. “I just happened to see one her photos, I liked the makeup that she did and I liked it and she felt so happy about it that she actually reached out to me. And do you know how happy that made me feel that I was able to do that for somebody else.”

What’s next for Dr. Mir?

Her YouTube channel is called GlamMir, and she going to be doing a lot of celebrity interviews. She also signed a podcast with CBS and it’s going to be a glamour, beauty and fashion podcast. We’ll see her on TV again as a beauty correspondent for morning shows. “Those are all awesome and I’m  very excited about that. I have been approached by reality TV to do another show and I just have to see, because I really want to keep the same dynamic I had with “The Singles Project” with it being professional and not being the other kind of reality. So if it fits into that I’ll do it.”

We hope that works out for you, and we’ll keep an eye out for all the great things you’ll be doing in the near future.

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