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Hi ALL ! Im so happy to tell you I have signed with CBS news For my new live podcast GlamMir

My Goal is to uplift, educate and inspire. I want to use my voice to bring positivity and good into this world. Im a so grateful for this platform to bring powerful knowledge to you, with fabulous guest that will tell their stories and share their knowdlege! I say it will be beauty from the skin to the soul.

My first episode was with the founders of the periscope summit and the founder of Start Broadcast the movie. Their story was on of social media and live streaming as  A community. There is LOTS of amazing topics coming up with well know authors, Fashion designers, Doctors, relatioship experts and  even a MEDIUM!!

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Dr. Tabasum Mir, a celebrity dermatologist, owner/founder of MirSkin Cosmetic dermatology practice in New York City and star of an EMMY award winning Bravo TV show will focus on beauty, health, diet, nutrition, physical, spiritual and mental beauty and relationships. Dr. Mir will educate advise, empower and Inspire with her insight, quick wit and medical expertise.

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