CBS LOCAL Play.IT podcast: Near Death experience with Motivational Coach Alexa Rose Carlin

Motivational Life coach Alexa Rose Carlin discusses her near death experience and how she used her mind and thoughts to heal her body and then her life, also how you can also.

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    Today Alexa Rose Carlin is a Motivational speaker , life coach and an author. In january 2013 Alexa was a healthy accomplished college student. Suddenly she fell gravely ill and was put into a medical coma for 6 days. She had a near death experience and what happenend next was a miracle. With 24 hours to live she couldn’t move, speak or breathe on her own; all she had was her mind to heal her self. How did she do that ? And she discusses what you can do in your life now to live life without fear. Listen to her describe how if we feed our body with positive thoughts, self-love, spirituality , then we have the capability to make the impossible, possible.


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